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It’s time we support ourselves on the things we know matter; values, identity, connection, belonging and sense of self.

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Welcome to The Becoming Collective, a haven for passionate occupational therapists. We’re here to shatter imposter syndrome, embrace our unique OT perspectives, and deliver services we truly believe in.

Join us in celebrating our OT superpowers, connecting deeply, and finding fulfillment in our authentic work because we deserve it, we really do.

Why does The Becoming Collective exist?

Founder, Bradley Williams, had experienced imposter syndrome one too many times and had chased enough trainings that were going to be the magic fix. 

After reflecting upon his own experience of community, speaking to dozens of OTs and understanding the environment required for deep growth, The Becoming Collective was born. 

The Becoming Collective leans into so many OT principles from the impact of an individual’s own story, to the understanding of what an environment can offer us as humans. It has provided support and affirmation to a number of OTs who have been ready to give it away or explore other options. 

The Becoming Collective is an example of the magic that can happen when kindness, curiosity and courage combine. Together we empower the unique things that make us OTs so that we can each, as unique humans, show up and do the work that we believe in. 

Nicole A
Nicole AAdelaide
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The thing I love most about the Becoming Collective is that I feel totally comfortable to show up as myself (an OT trying to do things differently) and know that the other very open, brave and accepting OTs have my back.
Steph W
Steph WAdelaide
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I think being part of the group has helped me become more intentionally reflective about what I am doing and why I am doing it. I've found it really affirming. Often your weekly reflections really help extend my thinking in an areas I have already been pondering.
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If you want time and space to OT yourself? Then the Becoming Collective is the place for shared learning, deep discussion and even deeper reflection. I've loved the guest speaker format and the monthly theme. I have loved being in an space that has offered authentic connection with the best people going - thoughtful OT's!
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The positivity is a breathe of fresh air and since being here I have thought more and more deeply about OT than I have in a long time.

Below you'll find the features of 'what you'll get' but honestly, it's the people, the culture and the environment that is what makes The Becoming Collective what it is. And that is hard to put onto a simple sales page.

Community Hub

Supportive, connected space for like-hearted OTs worldwide.

Monthly Webinars

Live sessions exploring themes crucial for occupational therapists' grounding and growth.

Community Conversations

Deep-dive discussions creating space for new connections, contemplation and collective problem solving.

Inspiring Member Stories

Stories are more powerful that we give them credit for. Let our member's stories light something up for you.

Frequently Asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Becoming Collective?
The Becoming Collective is a curated online community aimed at supporting OTs to do work that they believe in.
It was created because there was a need for support that ran concurrently with professional development that fostered our identity as OTs. This community aims to anchor us to the important things such as values, purpose, foundations of the profession, connection with like-minded others and increasing our clarity and confidence in our work.
It lives on an online platform called Mighty Networks that is designed for connection. Within the community we have focussed themes each month, online discussion, community calls and guest sessions via Zoom and reflective guided journals.
How is The Becoming Collective different from other online platforms or Facebook groups?
While Facebook groups offer broad networks, The Becoming Collective provides a more focused and structured community. We curate content, facilitate expert-led discussions, and offer specialized resources centered around personal growth, ensuring a deeper, more purposeful engagement.
Facebook is a place where you are the product. A place that aims to distract, we may go on for something but all of a sudden we are watching cats get scared or adverts for new shoes. The Becoming Collective is a place for deliberate focus where you are not the product, but rather we are here to serve you.
What benefits do members receive from joining The Becoming Collective?
Connection to others and the profession, affirmation and confidence to show up in meaningful ways are what members have shared as the major benefits. Being seen so that OTs can have the confidence to show up the way that is most authentic and meaningful to you and your life. Doing this through community is, perhaps, the only way to do so. It’s where ideas, stories, support and experiences get bounced around in really impactful ways.
Members receive connection to this community and depending on your membership level you will have access to member’s stories, monthly The Becoming Journals, live community conversations and guest sessions on key themes and connection to other amazing OTs.
Most importantly, you get more connected to the OT that you want to be through your connection with others. 
Can I use The Becoming Collective to contribute towards my professional development hours?
We recommend that you check with your local administration body. In Australia, your engagement can be claimed in certain categories and can be easily recorded by taking screenshots of your engagement or making record of your reflections. The Becoming Journal is another way to keep track of your learning, engagement and reflections.
Why should I pay to be part of a community when there are free resources available online
While almost unlimited free resources exist, The Becoming Collective offers a curated environment with quality content, expert guidance, and a supportive community committed to your personal development. The subscription fee ensures access to exclusive resources and a more immersive experience designed to accelerate your growth journey.
Free resources are great, but typically they stay pretty shallow. Our intention is to go deeper, where all the good stuff happens. 

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