In Search of the Proper OT

I’ve heard a lot about them recently when hearing the stories of OTs. They seem to show up a lot in conversation. There appears to be a search for them, to seemingly no avail. 

So I wonder, where are they and when will they show up?

I wonder what they do that makes them proper?

Do they use models and ideas to impart their own ways of being on their clients or do they use them to discover and deeply understand?

Do they impart their knowledge and expect change or do they curiously work alongside?

Do they arrive as a saviour swooping in to save the day or do they make a contribution alongside others to make lives better?

Do they notice environment and when that person works their best?

Do they have all the answers or use good questions to create space for the answers?

Do they believe that people need to be the change or do they know that it is so much more deeper than that?

Do they live in doubt or are they always in knowing? And which is the better place to be of service?

Does the proper OT exist? If you are out there, proper OT, please show yourself?

Or perhaps the proper OT is a story that we make up when we feel like we are not enough. When the world says that we need to have rigid processes and definitive answers. 

So if this is your story and it doesn’t feel right, let’s change it. Answer me this (yep, write it down and share it with me – if you feel comfortable);

Who are you

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